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    The commercial agency department within Whyte & Barrie is now well established having been created over 20 years ago to satisfy demand to provide a professional agency service to our existing and new clients.

    Whyte & Barrie Commercial is now a top 3 performing agency for our areas of expertise in the “Dealmaker Results” produced by Costar who are the leading provider of commercial property information in the UK.

    We have achieved this by consistently realising the maximum potential for our clients property interests whether acting as Letting Agents in the leasing of retail, office or industrial space or as successful Commercial Agents in the sale of all types of non-residential property.

    Our dedicated commercial agency team can advise on the sale or lease of:

    • Retail Shops
    • Offices
    • Industrial Property
    • Development sites
    • Going concern businesses

    Throughout the process we will provide marketing advice and be responsible for dealing on a day to day basis with all aspects of the transaction.  We will handle the advertising of the property through to the negotiation of terms and liaising with the client’s solicitor to completion of the deal by lease or sale.

    Commercial Property Search

    We have a wide variety of commercial properties available for sale or let.

    All of our properties are listed on our website in our easy to use search facility. 

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  • Commercial Property Valuations

    For Bank Lending

    Valuation instructions for "Acquisition" and/or "Bank Security" purposes account for the largest proportion of our Commercial work and the vast majority of Institutional lenders accept our reports. You can be safe in the knowledge therefore that the report we provide will be suitable for your lender.

    Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) Valuations

    We can provide you with detailed professional advice and a “Red Book” compliant valuation report that will be suitable for all property transactions involving your SIPP. This includes; purchase, selling and rent reviews. As always, we provide a quality service with competitive fee quotes.

    Leasehold Valuations

    • on entering into a new lease agreement.
    • when agreeing to the assignation of an existing lease.
    • when purchasing an existing lease.
    • when extending or renewing an existing lease.
    • when in dispute with landlord/tenant.
    • to ascertain the value of a "profit rent."
    • to establish a premium or grassum.

    Licensed Trade Valuations

    • such as pubs, hotels and restaurants
    • inspect and report upon the property
    • peruse certified and/or projected accounts
    • establish an opinion as to the business worth

    Asset Valuation

    • provide valuation of all business assets
    • compliance with RICS Standards
  • Building Reports

    Whyte & Barrie can provide our clients with detailed reports on the condition of commercial property. The degree of detail required will be dependent upon the individual client needs.

    General Note of Condition and Photographic Schedule

    As the title suggests this is a report that details the condition of a property, with supporting photographic evidence. This is a report commissioned by a new tenant prior to taking occupation of a property the purpose of which is to provide undisputed evidence that would be referred to at the termination of the lease and assist in substantially reducing the liability for dilapidation costs.

    General Condition Report

    A report produced from a relatively brief visual inspection of the premises. The report will highlight only obvious problems and give an overall comment on the general state of a property.

    Schedule of Condition

    Ensures a proper detailed record exists (usually with photographic and/or video evidence included) as to the condition of a property on a certain date and helps avoid future lengthy disputes over repairs. Usually no disruption to the building will be involved.

    Schedule of Dilapidations

    Highlights the exact condition of a property at the end of a lease by listing all outstanding repairs at the present date. Will entail the same degree of inspection as a schedule of condition and will show points of deterioration caused by a lack of maintenance.

    Building Survey

    Provides a detailed and full picture of a commercial property. It is tailored to the client's individual requirements. The report includes extensive technical information on construction and materials as well as details of the whole range of defects, major to minor. Disruption of the building fabric may be necessary and this can lead to the already substantial costs involved with this degree of report. 

  • Rent Review

    Almost all modern commercial leases contain a rent review clause. This section of the lease provides the mechanism and Valuers instructions as to how the rent should be reviewed. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the rent keeps pace with up to date market levels.

    It can be the most contentious of subjects especially when the Landlords opinion of rental at the review date varies significantly from that of the Tenant.

    Whyte and Barrie can provide expert advice and market analysis for Landlord or Tenant. Each rent review will require the need for a full understanding of issues such as actual and hypothetical rental, trigger notices and counter notices etc. and of course the defining of the circumstances in which the rent is to be agreed or determined.

    With our commercial property rental knowledge and extensive experience coupled with our activity in the commercial market Whyte and Barrie are able to give expert advice in this field.

    Business Disposal

    If it is a business you wish to sell our experts can give you an accurate appraisal of the business worth by analysis of the company accounts.

    Whyte & Barrie Commercial will give you professional advice on how best to:

    • market and dispose of your property or business.
    • maximise the return from a property asset.
    • identify your ideal business location.
    • negotiate lease terms and conditions.
    • maximise the potential from development opportunities.

    Our professional approach and quality advise has resulted in our commercial client bank expanding dramatically in the last 10 years. Our volume of repeat business is testament to the service we provide and our successful deal rate envied by our competitors.

  • Specialist Advice


    It is only prudent that you ensure that the rating liability of your business is not excessive. It is especially important since the revaluation is set once every five years.

    Whyte & Barrie are rating experts having several of our professional staff having served part of their professional careers as Assessors in local government. Who better to represent you than someone who has worked on both sides of the rating divide!

    The Appeal Process

    Undertaken by us on receipt of the valuation notice. Once the appeal is cited we will act within the strict statutory timescales to safeguard clients’ interests

    A detailed and measured survey of the property is carried out with specific regard to factors directly affecting the rating assessment. We use our expert knowledge of the property market to analyse transactions and use the information to our client’s advantage.

    Meeting with Assessor to compare and agree factual matters and discussing all items relating to the assessment.

    Provide client with advice relating to negotiations and to appropriate further action.

    In the event of continuing dispute, presentation of case before Local Valuation Appeal Committee and higher courts if necessary

    Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

    Since 4th January 2009 practically all commercial properties made available for sale or lease require to have in place a valid EPC. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation to undertake this service.


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Home Reports are required by law in Scotland when selling a property.



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