Home Report

The Home Report

The Home Report contains several documents which make up the Home Report pack and must be carried out by a qualified Chartered Surveyor who is a Registered Valuer and from a firm regulated by the RICS.

We offer this service from all our offices and have a target of 3-4 days turnaround on the full package subject to access. We are able to deliver this product across the entire country via our First Surveyors Scotland branch offices. We have skilled surveyors throughout Scotland whose reports are acceptable to all major lenders.

A home report contains the following documents:

Prescribed Documents

Property Questionnaire • Single Survey • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Non-prescribed Document

Mortgage Valuation Report (MVR)

The RICS recommends that a generic mortgage valuation report be produced with every single survey. This provides prospective purchasers and lenders with a guide as to the marketability and suitability of a property for mortgage purposes. Clients are still entitled to request their own independent advice when purchasing a property and Whyte and Barrie can advise on other professional services the client(s) may require.

Single Survey Report and Valuation

  • An assessment of the condition of the house written in plain English.
  • Objective rather than subjective comments will be made about the various component parts of the building.
  • Any repair work will be graded on a scale of 1-3.

1 - no immediate action required
2 - repairs may need attention and it’s advisable to get estimates
3 - urgent repairs that are required immediately

  • The report contains a valuation which is obviously a subjective matter.
  • The report contains a cross-sectional diagram of a house to assist in identifying the elements of the building referred to in the written sections of the report.
  • There is a section to highlight issues to be checked by a solicitor or a legal conveyancer.
  • Estimated reinstatement cost for insurance purposes.
  • Valuation and market commentary.
  • The surveyor will arrive at the market value of the property (prior to marketing) by analysing comparable sales information and taking due cognisance of all factors influencing value.

Energy Report

  • Assessment of the energy efficiency of the dwelling house.
  • Recommends ways to improve energy efficiency.

The Energy Report contains information such as current and potential estimated running cost for lighting, heating and hot water. All domestic property for sale or rent from 4th January 2009 must have an EPC.


Home Reports

Home Reports are required by law in Scotland when selling a property.



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